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1 Salute – The first song on the album has to be a strong one. Otherwise you’ve lost your listener straight away. Salute is strong on every aspect. The four singers most definitely learnt one from Tulisa on the X Factor. Girl power sells.  The solider theme fits perfectly. I can see this being the second single. You find yourself singing along after one listen.

2 Move - Oh, Christmas has most definitely come early. This track is so bloody good. Like Wings, the debut single from the new album is completely different to anything on the market at the moment. It’s fresh. The beat is catchy. The lyrics like the flu. Try and shake them off, and they haunt you for days. The attitude, harmonies are on point.

3 Little Me - If you like this, you will love the acoustic version of this track. It has TMS, the producer, written all over it. It’s very chart friendly. The girls are very smart, and you can tell they know their market. It’s a feel good anthem track, with beautiful lyrics. The last section is another level of greatness. ”I’d tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out, talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder. Tell her she’s beautiful, wonderful, everything she doesn’t see.”

4  Nothing Feels Like You – This track is very Destiny’s Child. From the outset you can tell Camille Purcell co-write it. With Little Mix moving towards R&B, this track is a winner in my eyes. The quick lyrics, mixed with the beat is addictive, the quirky chanting at the end, making you wish it lasted just that little longer.

5 Towers - A ballad that really shows off the vocals of the girls. I wish it was written by the girls, because lyrically it’s very, very good. ”But you left it too late now my heart feels nothing, nothing at all.” The chorus in particular showing off their harmonies. The track building up, to an amazing spectacular ending. I want to hear this track live.

6 Competition – I like the diversity of this track. At first you think it’s just going to be a quick-fired, slightly rap number, but the hook and chorus totally surprises you. I love the mix between the two. The “I can do better every day and night,” section is very catchy. This song really reminds me of their DNA album, but better.

7 These Four Walls - Another slower track. The beginning is full of emotion, and you can’t help but listen to every word they sing. Their voices soft, hypnotising. “If I hear your voice I’ll be fine,” makes you want to know the inspiration behind the beautiful lyrics.

8 About The Boy – This track is full of swag. I can see Destiny’s Child wishing they had released this. The harmonies once again are so good in the chorus. The breakdown near the end made my mouth fall open in shock, that note is insane. You have to play it again just to hear it again.

9 Boy – The intro is off the chain. It starts off so well, and continues to soar. The track oozes R&B, and I can’t help but feel it sounds a little American-y. Even though it’s not a bad thing, I hope they remember, as corny as it sounds, where they’re from. One of our favourites from the album.

10 Good Enough – The girls really found the good ratio to slow and fast songs. Some albums go all out on the ballads, whereas Little Mix instead have gone for a few, really strong ones. However this track doesn’t stand out compared to some of the tracks, and seems a bit like a filler. Even though the vocals are still insanely good, it’s a bit meh.

11 Mr Loverboy – This track penned by Ryan Williamson and Jordan Dollar, is cute, the girl’s vocals sounding on point on the chorus. The strong chorus makes up for the lacklustre verses. This is probably the track I’m most likely to skip in the future.

12 A Different Beat - The last track on the album goes back to the soldier theme. The girls working together to bring a big intro. The quality rises, the fast-paced verses, paving the way for an brilliant chorus. If you weren’t a fan before, you will definitely be marching to the Little Mix beat after hearing this.

‘See Me Now,’ ‘They Just Don’t See You,’ and ‘Stand Down,’ the deluxe tracks are all a little treat. All of them, especially the first two penned by the fabulous Nicola Roberts, deserved a spot on the normal version of the album. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

To sum up: everything is tighter. The harmonies are slicker. The lyrics are more powerful. You can tell as a group they are stronger. They are easily the leading girlband at the moment. The Saturdays, who? Their sophomore album met all of our expectations. Perry, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade, I salute you.

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